Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The way you stared at me untold times,
That fathomless look in your eyes
Will forever set the bar.
Remain my standard for love.

One infinitely small circle,
Seemingly so insignificant,
Now ends it all.

Signals the full-stop to this story
I cherished so.

Time to pack us up,
Bury the multitude of memories beneath a thin lay of dust.
Let go of children I will never meet,
Then, file our photos, letters, hopes & dreams
And box up the remaining fragments of you.
Give the rest away.

Is it then fair
That the mere mention of your continuing existence
- without me -
Still tears me to pieces?
While I look for you in everyone that I meet.

Why, my foolish heart,
Do you remain stubbornly true to a long gone Lover?

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